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Such a good read  Chris. I resonate with this attitude. Because I started my career working in a company where music was played louder  than the sound of us talking to customers. Where dressing was never an issue and all that mattered were numbers at the end of the day. That brought in most of the productivity than when we were asked to sit and work like we were in a funeral. After being at that job for 4 years , I’ve never come across any employer as such until now. Comfort brings creativity. Agreed,Enjoyed and shared 🤗 A must read By Chris 
Creativity Is Currency. Put It In The Bank. –

A Tale of Grief and Puppy Love by Deb Helfrich – A Must read for all Canine lovers.

​My Valentine’s day just got better on completing this awesome book by @Deb Helfrich . A recommended read to all ! 

Dogs die. But dogs live, too. Right up until they die, they live. They live brave, beautiful lives. They protect their families. And love us. And make our lives a little brighter. And they don’t waste time being afraid of tomorrow – Dan Gemeinhart

You have a great take on getting your readers to realise what matters to one. For most people live in self-denial.
Dear Deb I love the way you poured out your heart and soul in this book . The subtle way of reliving your experience with both Tanganyika and Zanzi has been such a sweet surprise to me. 

For there are times when I imagined myself in your place and got as emotional and happy in certain parts of the book. I haven’t had the privilege to grow up with or raise a canine companion but my few encounters with them – Magical. Just one word to explain the love they show. 

No one can love anyone as  much as a dog can love you. An eternal love that lasts till the end of time. 

– Fatima Williams 

A magical memory that makes us want to meet our best friend even in the afterlife if there ever exists one. 

A Tale of Grief and Puppy Love by Deb Helfrich - A Must read for all Canine lovers.

You can purchase her e-book at A must read for all Dog lovers 

❤ Happy day to you all my lovely people ❤

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My World of Bees, Buzzes & Honey

​I take toddler steps as I’m still afraid to break my cocoon. I see these great bees buzzing around me asking me to take a step forward and not be afraid. beBee Javier and his beegee team tell me their building me a safe hive with loads of honey to buzz around, get comfortable and that others bees will allow me to visit their hives and taste some of the nectar in there too.

beBee Qamar gave me a warm welcome and beBee Rebel whispers to me that’s it alright to face our fears while beBee Pamela tells me to always stand up for what I believe in and speak my heart out no matter what, she’s literally family. 

beBee Ali Anani enriches me with confidence, constantly showing me why we need to contribute all we can while we can with his kind and sincere writing. He leaves an indelible mark with every new buzz, a new memory that will continue to live within me. 

beBee Anees pats me gently on my back and shows me that beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer and makes my world a better place with his most insightful comments and buzzes.

The creative Sara Jacobovici has this most subtle way of engaging and enlightening one’s world with her torch of commenting and her buzzes on all her beautiful memories seem to draw me to achieve half of what she’s seen and experienced. beBee City VP Manjit one of my new favorite bees explains life as you know it with a breath-taking view. 

beBee Dean shows me that the beBee world is as interesting as we make it. He is a motivator and shares all his experiences constantly for the benefit of all the other bees. beBee Milos he is now one of my hero bees and fascinates me with awe of his valuable contribution and dedication to his work. As for beBee Gary and Deb I need a whole new post to talk about their lovely hearts. beBee Lisa is like my champion bee her insightful buzzes and comments keep me pondering in deep thought.

beBee Jim Murray validates that the end is never near, as long you believe that you are king in your kingdom as lumpy as it may be, his style of writing and his work amazes me and beBee Phil Friedman always stands up for genuine intellectual engagement and his witty comments always bring a smile to my face. 

 They both along with many other beBees show me that “Writing is the epitome of sharing a piece of yourself to the world”.

It’s makes me wonder how this universe would be if it were to be the same as my world in beBee land, where I constantly learn and live through other’s experiences and feel constantly motivated with buzzes pushing me to cross my boundaries and enlighten the world with what I can contribute. 

Thanks to the creators/producers of the sweetest honey here on beBee; this new found love of mine to buzz my heart out, seconds my passion to be able to try to follow the footsteps and be like or may be better than the gracious insightful bees here on beBee. 

This post is dedicated to all the amazing bees on beBee who give their heart out and are enlightening the world around them. 

Stay awesome! You bees are doing a fantabulous job buzzing and dancing around.It makes me feel like dancing and reminds of a wonderful buzz by the amazing Ali Anani where he talks about the Joy Dancing for Me

About me

I am a beBee brand ambassador 🐝 I love life and live to enjoy every single minute given to me. I love to write and have got an opportunity to do so now rarely ( Winks)

Thank you for reading this article. I welcome your comments. I follow some amazing people, from who I draw my inspiration to write. If you find this article very useful, please share it with other members of your beBee network. “To share to learn” #Bebee.

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Fatima Williams 

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An inspiration and will continue to be ! Women

The first time I heard about Mary Kom was after the movie “Mary Kom” of Priyanka Chopra and then was during an event held by the company I worked for HCL , it was to recognize all outstanding performer’s of the year 2014. I must say that I have been so held up with my corporate life that I did not take any time for myself nor my interests or I don’t even remember the last time I read a good book. Whilst I always had the ambition to write as you can see from this amateur post that I am trying hard to nail,I never really took any efforts to do the same with my busy work life.Talking about this interesting event at work that got me writing again,I am proud to say that many women have done considerable achievements in their lives and stand out as stars but I want to take a moment to thank the women, who live their lives in order to bring the best achievements in their own circle of life like their sisters, daughters, friends, students etc. that are around them in the world, they should also be called Hero’s of the world. They inspire the one’s around them to do well and motivates them to go ahead and use that opportunity that was not given to them in the first place. This article is to take a moment to thank all the wonderful women in my life starting with my mother,teachers,aunties,grand mothers and even the nanny who took care of me whist I was a kid.

Beauty with a purpose

I was watching the Miss World 2014 contest on TV the other night and I thought “Wow” what wonderful and meaningful things a person can do just by incorporating a simple idea called “Beauty with a purpose”. I’m sure you all know who I’m talking about, yes; it is none other than the awe-inspiring Julia Morley.

Julia Morley – is the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Miss World Organisation – President of Variety International, The Children’s Charity.

She is such a wonderful person that just tries every possible way to bring a smile to one’s face, especially the needy, the down trodden and underprivileged women and children all around the world. She has always strived for the better quality of life for sick and disadvantaged children.

This is the first time I am ever inspired to write about the how much goodness a person can bring not only in oneself but in others as well. And that is exactly what Julia does with the Miss World organization, its contestants and winners.

She always has the hands on approach when it comes to raising funds for any project that comes with the theme “Beauty With A Purpose “that which is at the heart of Miss World organisation.

So I wonder how many of us that is given such power come forward with such an act of kindness. Julia is a living example to women and men all around the world that determination and compassion can move great mountains.

It is tough to battle out against extremists and our old social taboos but don’t you think a living example for 60 years has proved us that it is possible indeed. The fact that she is still there at the Miss World organisation as the guiding light for the world’s oldest and largest international beauty pageant is strong evidence that we can all change the world if we have the will power to make a change at any cost.

It would be heaven on earth if we have people in the world make a change like she did!